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Different qualities of Stainless Steel: German, USA, Paquistani, China

Trays, Basin, Cups for medicines, Teaspoons for curettage, Sterilizers, Vaginal specula, Equipment for childbirth; Equipment for cesarean section Cases of Minor Surgery and Dissection, dilators, kits of major and minor surgery, Set Diagnostic, Reflex Hammer, laryngoscopes, Otorrinolaringoscopios, Palanganas, Grapples, Porta Thermometers, Porta Tongs, Tweezers, Pots Autoclaves, Kidneys, Tenáculos, Scissors, Urinals,
Dissection Forceps: Adson Forceps, Cushing Forceps, Semkem Forceps, Russian Forceps, Potts forceps - Smith
hemostats: Pinza Aro, Pinza Schade, Pinza Backhaus, Clamp Doyen, Pinza Bertola, Pinza Bozeman, Pinza ClampsCrafford, Pinza ClampsWerthein, Pinza Chapul, Pinza Crile, Pinza Crile Rankin, Pinza Dandy Scalp, Pinza Desjardin for cístico, Pinza Faure for uterine artery, Pinza Foerster, Pinza Gregoire, Pinza Guyon, Pinza double HarringthonLovel useful Gripper Halstead, Pinza Heaney, Pinza Heiss, Pinza Kelly, Pinza Kell-Rankin, Pinza Kocher, Pinza Lahey, Pinza Maier uterine, Pinza Mister, Pinza Pean , Pinza Pozzi, Pinch Rochester Pean, Pinza Schnidt, Pinza Martel.
Buffers: Buffers Adson separator Balfour, speculum, detacher Cushing for veins separator Ferabeuff, separator Gelpi, separator Finochietto separator Gosset, separator Jansen, separator Langenbeck, separator Love to nerves, separator Millin wire separator Millin, separator Richardson, Roux Separator, Senn-Mueller Separator, Weithlaner Separator, Caeiro Separator, Wolkmann Separator, Deaver Separator, Valva Doyen.
Instrumental suture: Gripper needle holder Bozeman, Porta Finochietto needle holder Hegar needle Needle holder Mathieu Needle holder Mayo - Hegar Gripper needle holder Scissors Olsen - Hegar Gripper needle holders DeBakey clamp needle holder Halsey, Pinza needleholders Masson , Ponza Porta Ryder needles.
Cutting instruments, Scissors: Scissors doyen, Iris Scissors, Scissors Kelly, Scissors Lister, Tijera Mayo, Metzenbaum Scissors, Scissors Potts Smith, Tijera Schmieden-Taylor, Scissors Sims, Spencer Tijera, Strully Tijera p / Neurocirugia, Tijera Curac,
Cutting instruments, Bisturi: Bisturicollin, Bisturi Mango No. 3, Bisturi Mango No. 4, Bisturi Mango No. 7.
Other Instruments: Ribbed Probe, Farabeuff Legra, Hudson Trepano - Doyen Trepano, CostotomoColin Clip, Double Hurd Dissector.

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