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; Is a professional manufacturer in DME products and Hospital Furniture in China mainland.
DRYCOM INTERNATIONAL CORP ; have plenty experience of offering professional and reliable products are over world by OMS /ODM and traders. Therefore we stronger believe that our products will meet your requirements and approval. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further assistance and information.
DRYCOM INTERNATIONAL CORP ; have reasonable prices, strict quality control, punctual delivery and 3 major goals and aims to keen on company´s prosperous to grow, we look forward to having the precious opportunities to serve for you soon.


- Commercial and Generic Medications:
- Medical Surgical Supply (Cotton, gauze, bandages, thermometers, stethoscopes Stainless Steel, (adult, pediatric and cardiologic), etc.).
- Disponsable Products: (Insulin Syringes, Syringe 3cc, 5 cc, 10cc, 20 cc, Infusion set "y" long 1.90or 2.10; needles, I.V. Cateter, etc.)
- Sutures: (nylon, silk, catgut chromic and simple, polyglycolic acid, polyester, etc).
- Instrumentation Stainless Steel: (Scissors, Tweezers, Trays, Kidney, Kits major and minor surgery, etc.)
- Furniture and Medical Equipment: (all types stretchers, trolleys Heals, Hospital Beds, Red Car, Racks, Running Boards, etc.).
- Wheel chairs: lecterns 4 hooks, Adult, Pediatric, Sport, Full reclining wheelchair, electric wheelchair, Mobility Schooter, Walking Canes, etc.
Medical Products: Pushbuttons Crutches, Standard, Wood; USA style Forearm crutches, Euro style forearm Crutches, Standard Cane, Foldable Cane, T sharpe cane, Fation cane, Blind cane, 3 and 4 Seat cane, 4 Quad cane, Pyramid cane, 2 button folding walker, steel rolator.
- Bathroom Safety: 1 bath bench, U shape bath, Bath bench with cushion, Bath Stool, Foldable Bath bench, Bath Chair in steel and stainless steel, Bathtub seat, Stainless and plastic grab bar tubing, Commode Chair, Commode Seat, raised toilet seat, raised toilet seat, Multi-position open.

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